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The Knit Cluster is a dedicated environment to develop new innovative products and fabrics, create samples, complete short runs, and improve and expand the skills needed to grow a business. The Textile & Fashion Hub will offer training, seminars, support and networking for small to medium enterprises through all facets of running a business. The aim is to encourage and promote, support and sustain our local industry and great talent, and advise the major stakeholders of our needs, concerns & recommendations. It is “what we make it” and “how we shape it” and a forum for our collective voices to be heard and acknowledged by industry organisations and government.

It is a space for the fashion industry to network and showcase their products and ranges, technical skills, and manufacturing capabilities - bringing together likeminded businesses in collaboration and development. Hosting seminars and fashion-focused events will make the Textile & Fashion Hub an integral part of both the Centre of Fashion @ Richmond and the Australian Fashion Community.

The machinery available for use in our designated Knit area is:

   +  Stoll CMS 822 hp multi gauge 6.2,  Stoll CMS 530 hp multi gauge 6.2,  2 x MI plus software

   +  Santoni seamless knitting machine SM-DJ2T 17'' 15gg + Pulsar software

   +  Shima Seiki WHOLEGARMENT knitting machine MACH2 183-S 14gg + SDS Apex3 software

   +  CONTI COMPLETT linking m/c model 99, 2 point cup seaming model 250

   +  Pfaff model 1163 automatic plain sewing machine

   +  Pegasus M 852 Overlocker machine, Simet 2-cone winder, Scales to weigh to the gram

   +  Monti Antonio Model 100 steam press

   +  Miele washers & dryers

The opportunity to tap into the other Clusters' enthusiasm, expertise and equipment in DESIGN, EXPORT, FOOTWEAR, DIGITAL PRINT and PERFORMANCE WEAR can surely enhance and add value to our management and performance thus giving us a competitive edge. The TFIA team has a wealth of knowledge and connections with regard to global trade and issues such as trade regulations, labour, environment and industry. TFIA also has a long-standing relationship with State & Federal Governments and can advise on lobbying government and also provide direction for funding programs.

The KNIT 2013 meetings, events, specialised workshops and seminars will include:

   +  Knit Cluster Strategies for 2013
   +  Develop a Knit Project – workshop & implementation
   +  New Yarn Developments & Industry Experts Presentations 
   +  Trends & Innovations in Knit
   +  Inspirational Guest Speakers – revered Knit Designers, Industry Icons
   +  New Knitting Techniques & Industry Expert Demonstrations
   +  General Knit Cluster meetings & discussions

If you are a business designing, developing or producing knitwear, keen to experience a broader industry base and discover new market opportunities, interested to learn new techniques and enhance your skills, or wishing to tap into the latest in trends, innovation and inspiration - please contact:


Beverley Armstrong

TFIA Knit Cluster Host
Sarah conners,
2 Aug 2011 22:54